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There’s something special in the music of California’s newest breakout starlet HAWLEY PENFOLD and the music industry buzz is building. Hawley is quickly gaining attention (#38 on music charts) with her upbeat pop sound that sparks real positivity along with insightfulness geared at today’s music loving younger demographic. She has a classic yet unique sound which allows her to vocally reach an incredible range of notes that add a certain beauty to every song she puts her heart to.

Though still a teen Hawley carries herself with the dignity and professionalism of a long time vocal veteran. You can hear this confidence in every song she produces, as they all radiate with a high-level of self-esteem and self-confidence. This is key because teenagers already have to go through so many hurdles just trying to grow up and be normal. They could use a voice that is singing for them and these songs fit right in to the very popular teen pop music genre.