About me

Hawley Penfold is an actress, musician, and an inspiring influencer for her generation. On top of this, Hawley is also a professional model and voice-over actress.

She developed a passion and love for performing and creative arts from the early age of three. Ever since then, she has been honing and developing her craft.

Ever since the start of her eclectic career, Hawley has participated in a multitude of projects, from feature films to shorts, musical productions, photo-shoots, and many other things. For her work, she received consistent acclaim and accolades from industry insiders, the audience and critics alike. Hawley’s acting has been consistently well-received and she took on a variety of roles throughout her career.

Hawley has graced the big screen with lead roles in Rations (2017), Beg (2017), and Speaking of Fairies (2016). This last summer she had the the opportunity to work with Vincent D'Onofrio and Piercy Dalton of Canada. on the CSB show Interrogation (2019). Keeping busy her as well is the project as Kathleen McBride on Vice Squad: NYC (2020)

Lately, she has been pinpointed as the perfect casting choice for any quirky character, such as students, know-it-all hackers, sweet girl, or rebellious kid. With a really wide range of emotional responses at her fingertips, she’s truly able to bring so much flexibility to her performances, making her the best choice for a wide variety of characters and productions.

Even though Hawley is so young, she has had a rich and diverse career. She has several awards under her belt, including The Young Artists Awards (L.A. 2019) and Stars of Tomorrow (2016), to mention but two. In addition to that, she is also an accomplished musician. In the music industry, Hawley worked alongside Grammy-nominated producer Michael C Ross and Tommy C Wild from Wild Child Records on amazing new music.

She truly is a dynamic performing artist who brings so much excitement to her work and everyone around her!

Hawley’s enthusiasm helps bring people together and can change the atmosphere of the project for the better. This is simply because she’s a positive and hard-working person to be around.

In her spare time, Hawley catches up on the latest books, plays sports, and spends time with animals!

“Maintaining positive, humble attitudes is a must, so we need to protect our good attitudes no matter what happens to our aspirations. When we are teens, our view is fresh and exciting. We need to preserve some of our youthfulness in our aspirations.”